Airshow Moments: Old Flying Machine Company Pair – Dunsfold 2014 (and pretty much anywhere else!)

This particular airshow moment applies to anytime this wonderful display is seen, I only managed to catch the full routine at Dunsfold this year.

Long-time stalwarts on the UK airshow scene, Mustang “Ferocious Frankie” and arguabley the Spitfire, MH434 still make up one of the best 2 ship displays around.

"Frankie" in the hangar at Duxford.

“Frankie” in the hangar at Duxford.

Harking back to OFMCs glory days of the Breitling fighters, Steve Jones and Alistar kay on this occasion, flying the Spitfire and Mustang respectively put on a masterclass in close formation flying for any types let alone 70 year old warbirds.

With super tight loops and rolls and countless low level, high power, noisy passes this display does everything to create excitement with these machines, I defy anyone who does not end up captivated when these two are displaying, they force you to watch.

 Spitfire MH434 in the hangar at Duxford.

Spitfire MH434 in the hangar at Duxford.

After the formation element of the display is finished each aircraft broke off into a short solo routine. Alistair Kay in the mustang provided a string of low level passes and rolls with the engine well wound up, combined with a number of hard pull ups to get the gun ports making that trademark mustang whistle.

Steve Jones returned to provide the opposite style of display, flying MH434 in the true style of its former owner, Ray Hanna, Steve performed a number of low level, effortless loops in a perfect display of the Spitfires grace.

It was a pleasure to see the pair displaying again, after engine troubles meant the Mustang missed most of the 2013 season, especially with the beautiful backdrop of Dunsfold.

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