Duxford VE Day Airshow – Friday

A Busy weekend coming up… Here’s a few pictures of the Friday proceedings at Duxford!

The Shark

P-51 Mustang “The Shark”

Blenheim and spitfires 2

The Blenheim and two Mk 1 Spitfires.

Blenheim top 3

John Romain brings the Blenheim in for a close pass.

Blenheim and Spitfires

Another shot of the Blenheim with the Spitfires.

Blenheim (4 of 6)

Another Blenheim Topside, this time with Lee Proudfoot in command.

Blenheim and Spits

Running in for a break to land…

Spit 1 final

Mk 1 Spit on finals.

Spit Finals

Stu Goldspink brings The Fighter Collection Mk. XIV Spitfire into land following a practice display.

Blenheim and friends

One of the most memorable displays I have seen in a long while.

Gladiator Dropping By

The Shuttleworth Collection’s Gladiator getting in on the action.

Blenheim Finals

Blenheim on finals.

Maybe tomorrow...

Maybe tomorrow…

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