Airshow Moments 2015 #1 – The Blenheim’s Debut

This years Warbird Tails advent will take on a slightly different feel to last year, rather than a series of full posts this December will focus on a series of Airshow Moments from across the season. This will all build to my season highlights and a top 10 from 2015.

There will be a few full posts here and there along the way, but I thought it would brighten some dark winter nights to take a look back at some glorious weather and aircraft.

Starting things off is a look back at the first post-restoration display weekend from the Blenheim. Having returned to the skies again late in 2014, the Duxford VE day anniversary show saw the return to display flying for this classic early war type.

The Friday before the show saw three flights from the classic Bristol, including a superb practice display with two Mk. I Spitfires, a sight which was repeated on each day of the show.

I have included a few pictures from a memorable return below.

Gladiator Dropping By

The Friday ahead of the show saw the Gloster Gladiator drop in on the Blenheim.

Blenheim Top 2

Lee Proudfoot took the Blenheim up for a short practice flight on the Friday afternoon.

Blenheim and friends

The sight of the Blenheim with the two Mk I Spitfires was a wonderful way to welcome the Blenheim back.

Blenheim (17 of 33)

The trio performed a series of graceful passes

Blenheim and Spitfires

Blenheim and Spits

An echelon pass before a break into the circuit.

Blenheim and spitfires 2

Low and fast over that iconic Duxford vista.

Blenheim top 3

A topside pass from the Blenheim during the now well known John Romain solo routine.

Blenheim Finals

Short finals after a memorable debut weekend.

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