Airshow Moments 2015 #6 – Synchro 75

With the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain set to be a key theme for 2015, the RAF put together a very special routine for the anniversary year.

As various anniversaries have passed over the years we have seen the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight fighters pair up with the Typhoons for a number of formation displays. This years routine took things up a gear.

Rather than a series of formation passes, this years display was an expertly choreographed synchro routine, complete with numerous opposition passes and synchronised rolls. The routine ended with an opposition pass; followed by a roaring zoom climb from the Typhoon and a graceful victory roll from the Spitfire.

For each of these displays the Spitfire was displayed by Anthony Parkinson and the Typhoon was flown by Ben Westoby-Brooks. A number of Spitfires were used from the BBMF fleet. Though the mound of choice was Battle veteran P7350, a number of displays were carried out using Mk XVI TE311 and Mk V AB910.

The Typhoon received a special paint scheme for the season as well, emerging from the paint shop in the spring in early war camouflage with squadron codes “GN-A”, the markings of a Hawker Hurricane of 249 Squadron.

The pairs first display wasn’t in ideal conditions, with heavy rain and poor visibility delaying their display slot at the Abingdon show in early May. After a long hold time the two aircraft were able to meet up and put on a stunning display.

I have included a selection of photographs below from appearances at Abingdon, Biggin Hill, Dunsfold and Duxford.

Typhoon (20 of 30)

Together at last: Battle Of Britain veteran Spitfire Mk II P7350 joins the special scheme Typhoon for the Synchro pair at Biggin Hill

Typhoon Vapour

It was certainly a damp day at Abingdon.

Spit Typhoon

The moment many of us waited through the rain in Abingdon for.

Typhoon (1 of 1)

The Typhoon showing off its new coat of paint.


The Battle of Britain pair together at Dunsfold


Another shot from Abingdon


The synchro 75 pair pass by during their last public display of the season at Duxford

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