Airshow Moments 2015 #8 –Headcorn’s Battle of Britain

2015 saw a remarkable evening airshow take place at Headcorn in Kent. This show saw many aircraft of the Battle arrive at the grass airfield in order to pay tribute to the men of the Battle over the fields where it would have been fought 75 years ago.

In a dramatic last hour there was a display from the Bristol Blenheim and a stunning tail chase display from 3 Spitfires, a Battle of Britain veteran Hurricane and two Hispano Buchons.

This show brought an impressive line up of aircraft to a perfect venue and delivered one of the best set pieces I have seen for many years, complete with pyrotechnics on some very low strafing runs from the Buchon pair.

Hopefully next year will see Aero Legends take on a similar event.


Buchons on the attack!


The tailchase will go down as one of the most memorable sights at Headcorn I’m sure.


SL633 in a wonderful formation with the Blenheim.


There was high quality flying throughout the afternoon.


Watching the Blenheim fly out of Headcorn was a real highlight.


TD314 gets airborne for the final flight of the day.


Buchon departing for Duxford in the late evening.


The two 109s showed off their usual close formation routine.

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