Airshow Moments 2015 #9 – Shuttleworth Edwardians

The June evening display at Old Warden saw the iconic Edwardian aircraft take to the skies. These rare pre Great War aircraft offer a fascinating insight into the early days of flight. Two of the aircraft on display are originals dating back to 1912 and 1910, namely the Blackburn Monoplane and Deperdussin Racer.

The other two types of the era on show; the Bristol Boxkite and Avro Triplane. These two aircraft are 1960s replicas but still provide a wonderful sight on a calm summers evening.

The show got off to a rainy start but conditions cleared to provide a wonderful backdrop for these elegant machines, all of which got far longer display slots than we are used to seeing from them.

A full review of the show can be found here, and my profile on the individual aircraft from last year can be found here.


The Boxkite during its extended routine.


The Blackburn Monoplane


The Edwardian aircraft were a central part of the airshow.


The minimalist interior of the Blackburn Monoplane.


The Avro Triplane brought things to a close as the light started to fade,


The Deperdussin during one of its hops down the runway.

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