Airshow Moments 2015 #10 – A Legendary Curtiss

This years Flying Legends display saw the UK debut of the Fighter Collection’s latest Curtiss Hawk. Joining the P-40F, P-40C and Hawk 75 was the newly restored P-36C, the american production variant of the Hawk 75.

The sight of two P-36 variants performing low passes together across the grass at Duxford was something I never imagined possible, with this new Hawk restoration kept under wraps until its appearance at Chino in May.

As well as the weekend displays those at Duxford on the Friday before the show were treated to a wonderful solo display from Steve Hinton in the classic fighter in the late afternoon light.

The full history of this type and airframe will be covered in an upcoming Curtiss series in the new year, for now here are a few more shots of one of the UK’s shining warbirds. (Pun intended!)


Steve Hinton flying the P-36C


Steve Hinton parking up the P-36C.


The Hawks put in a great display together.


Surely the first pairing of H75 and P-36 since the war. Incredible!


The sun sets as the P-36C is put to bed after a busy weekend.


A simply stunning restoration.

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