Airshow Moments 2015 #15 – Norway’s Classic Jets

This year saw the first full season in a number of years from a Mig 15 in the UK skies. This example came from the Norwegian Air Force Historic Squadron and displayed at a number of events, notably at Eastbourne and Dunsfold.

It was great to see this piece of Russian hardware on display in the UK, hopefully next year we will see plenty more appearances from this machine.

I have also included a few pictures of the Mig’s stable mates, the Vampire pair which displayed at Eastbourne in August.


The Mig getting airborne from the “damp” runway at Dunsfold.


Climbing away into the rain clouds.



The jet is surprisingly small.


The display showed this rare early jet off to great effect.


A lovely pair of de Havilland jets.


The pair kept a close formation throughout their display.


The graceful sight of a pair of de Havilland’s finest – The Norwegian Vampires.

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