Airshow Moments 2015 #16 – LuLu Belle’s Return

Amongst the excitement and fanfare of a number of new aircraft on the season, along with old favourites leaving the skies, this year also saw the return of an old favourite.

Peter Teichman’s P-40M “LuLu Belle” returned to the display circuit for the first time since 2013. It was a welcome sight to see the P-40 performing at a number of shows over the season being flown in a typically exuberant and graceful display.

The first display for this classic fighter after a season out for an engine change amongst other work, was Biggin Hill in June. Pictures below also cover appearances at Old Warden and Dunsfold.

Typhoon (11 of 30)

Peter Teichman brings Lulu Belle in for a low pass.

Typhoon (12 of 30)

Arriving for the first appearance in a number of years, at Biggin Hill in June.


The P-40 gets airborne.


Peter Teichman displays Lulu Belle in style.


Another shot, this time from Old Warden.


Peter Teichman getting airborne ahead of a memorable routine.


Pulling up into a graceful loop.


Showing off those classic Curtiss lines


“Lulu Belle” rounds the corner at the end of the Dunsfold display line.

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