Airshow Moments 2016 – Shuttleworth Mew Gull Pair

The September Wing & Wheels show at Old Warden saw an incredible pairs demonstration from the Shuttleworth Collection Mew Gull and David Beale’s replica example.


In the hands of Jean Munn and Stu Goldspink these two classic racers were thrown around the Old Warden sky in incredible style. Low level high speed tailchases and close formation passes.


It wasn’t that long ago that the sight of the Mew Gull displaying was very rare indeed, so to have two examples flying together regularly is nothing short of incredible.

Mew Gull Pair

There is something so impressive about these little racers speeding past at low level with that racing engine roar.


Together with the Comet these classic 30s racer have really strengthened the line up at Old Warden shows and have provided many classic airshow moments over the past few seasons.


Hopefully 2017 sees many repeat performances of this incredible demonstration – once the collections original example is back in action following winter engineering work.

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