UK Mosquitos Part 2 -TA122

Mosquito FB VI TA122 is one of three examples on display at the de Havilland Aircraft Museum near Sailsbury Hall, where the Mosquito was originally designed and constructed.




The airframe was built in Hatfield in 1945 and was soon sent to Europe, joining 605 squadron in Belgium before later moving to Holland. ‘122 was struck off charge in 1950 and was used as a spares source.


The fuselage of the airframe was used as part of a university in Holland, eventually being gifted to the Museum in the 1970s.



With the fuselage arriving the museum paired TA122 with the wings of TW233, allowing a complete Fighter Bomber Mosquito to be completed. The restoration of this aircraft has been a long-standing feature of the museum and on recent visits progress has been clear with the aircraft sitting on its undercarriage. I look forward to visiting the museum again in 2017 and viewing the most recent progress to the project.

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