Spitfire Saturday….Spitfire Sunday – A classic Headcorn weekend

This weekend saw a relaxed few hours each day spent watching the comings and goings of the Aero Legends fleet carrying out passenger flights at Headcorn. While I’m putting together a few larger posts and recent airshow reports I thought I’d share a few quick shots from the weekend.






This weekend saw most of the company’s airworthy fleet in attendance including the first time both Spitfires (TD314 and NH341) have both been active together at Headcorn. The Devon was busy along with the single seat Spitfire on fly alongside duty and the Harvard and Tiger Moth also seemed to be kept very busy.






Headcorn remains one of the best places in the country if not the world for watching these classic aircraft operate, the proximity to the runway allows you to experience these classic warbirds in a totally unique way. A wonderful way to spend a couple of days!

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