Airshow Moments 2017 – Blenheim at Little Gransden

Continuing the Blenheim theme after the exciting update from Hawkinge yesterday, it is time for another airshow moment. Today’s moment takes a look back at John Romain’s masterclass in display flying in the wonderful Bristol Blenheim I at Little Gransden back in August.


This combination of man and machine is well known as a leading light of the airshow circuit but there was something about this Gransden performance that reached new heights. Arriving after the traditional remembrance service break the Blenheim presented a wonderful plan view as it completed a sneak arrival around the Little Gransden bend.


This show was blessed with wonderful weather and the Blenheim certainly made the best of this with the wonderful flowing display lines combined with that unmistakable rumble of the Mercury engines. Commentary was kept to a minimum during this routine which really added to the special feel of this display.


The Blenheim is certainly one of the most special historic aircraft in the world and helps tell the important story of those uncertain days of the Battle of Britain and other theatres throughout the war. It is a joy that this unique aeroplane can be seen at so many shows up and down the country and is flown with such style. Hopefully following this Gransden debut (since the most recent restoration, the aircraft may well have displayed in the Mk IV configuration) we will see the Blenheim return to the show in 2018.

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