Tell Your Warbird Stories!

This weekend saw this site pass through the 400th post mark. I’ve enjoyed putting together each and every post on this page, together with the experiences that helped create them. I am also very grateful for you, the readers, who take the time to not only read these posts, but on many occasions comment, like and share again and again.


I started this website with one simple aim, to share my passion. Aviation and historic aviation in particular hold an incredibly special place in my heart and have dominated my life. I have shared plenty of my stories both present day and from the past together with discussions with key figures in the modern day preservation world.


To mark this milestone I wanted to reach out to readers and ask you to submit your own Warbird Stories. After 400 posts of nothing but my point of view, I wanted to look to share things out over the winter of 2019/20 and share some other perspectives. These stories can be anything, from the first time you saw a Spitfire, restoration projects you’ve worked on or perhaps even flying these historic aircraft.


If you would be interested in contributing your own stories for this project, please direct message me on facebook or twitter or send me an email at If you want to put a full story together and you do not mind images being shared, then please include those as well. Full credit as a guest contributor would of course be given and it will help your stories reach new audiences and continue to share this worldwide love for all things historic.


Even if you know someone that you think would like to contribute, but perhaps doesn’t actively follow the site, pass the details on. I’m looking forward to hearing how others have spent their lives with historic aviation.

Oh and don’t worry – I haven’t run out of material, just looking to share things around!

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