Airshow Moments 2019 11 – Duxford Mustang Gathering September Show

Not so long ago the sight of three or more Mustangs in the air over a UK airshow was not uncommon. Recent years have seen the UK population wildly fluctuate, at points reduced to just two examples regularly participating in airshows. It seems that the rise of the Hurricane and Buchon has outbalanced the American classic that dominated the UK airshow scene for many years.



In recent years no more than three Mustangs have appeared together and with only four regular flying examples on the circuit, the prospect of more seemed unlikely. This was especially true after Peter Teichman’s retirement in 2018. Luckily Peter Teichman’s Hangar 11 collection provided both the Spitfire and Mustang for this years September show which joined the three Duxford based Mustangs for a memorable sequence.


Hangar 11’s Tall In The Saddle, was joined by Anglia Aircraft Restoration’s TF-51D “Contrary Mary”, P-51D “Miss Helen” and P-51D “The Shark”. Weather prevented a full display from the four ship on the Sunday of the show but Saturday provided great conditions for the routine.


Watching four Mustangs roar into the air again was a really great sight, as was watching the four ship form up into a box four formation. Running in over the M11 the formation flew a number of passes and 360s before peeling off into a flowing tail chase. This sequence included low, climbing barrel rolls that bring about that classic Mustang whine from the gunports, before breaking off into the circuit. A definite highlight in recent years.

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