Spitfires and Sunshine – 13th September 2020

First of all – it’s been a while!

Hope you are all keeping well and making the most of 2020 as much as you can. It’s certainly been a challenging year but the last few months have seen plenty of aviation action to be enjoyed. All a little bittersweet though with the very disappointing news that the Duxford September show will not be going ahead. Completely understandable in the circumstances though and at least we still have three more of the great Old Warden drive in shows to look forward to.


One thing that has been a constant, certainly in the skies over Kent since the restrictions started lifting, is the wonderful sound of Merlin engines powering two-seat Spitfires on flight experiences.


Living under the flightpath for the Biggin Hill aircraft on their way to Dover I’ve been enjoying plenty of sightings including a number of their latest acquisition TE308, wearing the striking “Grey Nurse” RAAF scheme. In fact today started with an early performance of MJ627, leading this machine over the house! The shot below was taken at Biggin back in August on a visit.


I’ve also been popping into my local at Headcorn to enjoy Aero Legends’ Spitfire NH341/Elizabeth taking up plenty of paying customers. A few weeks back there was a planned three ship event that the weather prevented taking place.


Fortunately today’s weather offered those classic “Battle of Britain” skies and light winds, perfect for Spitfire flying.


I spent a couple of hours at the airfield and enjoyed two of three sorties from the three ship. There is nothing quite like being on the fence at Headcorn as three merlin powered aircraft leap into the air, magic!


Aero Legends’ example was joined by PV202/G-CCCA from Aerial Collective at Duxford and SM520/G-ILDA from Goodwood.


Also flying at Headcorn today were the two Aero Legends Tiger Moths and an always welcome departure from the resident Proctor, a wonderfully presented example.


After a few weeks without much up close aviation activity (having missed last weeks Old Warden event) it was great to get up close to some warbirds again and I thought you would all enjoy a few pictures for a change!

One thought on “Spitfires and Sunshine – 13th September 2020

  1. Rick Woodward says:

    I love your posts! We must live in the same area too. My home is in Sevenoaks. Like you I was looking forward to a day at Duxford and have also booked for Headcorn on 26th September and wonder if that will also be cancelled. I enjoy the Merlin engines over Sevenoaks too. Best wishes, and thanks for your excellent posts.


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