2020’s Busy Warbirds – Two Seat Spitfires

While airshows have led to numerous operators keeping their fleets on the ground throughout 2020, the ever increasing industry for warbird (most often Spitfire) rides in the UK has continued apace. At each stage when restrictions were lifted over the year, operators up and down the country have quickly resumed operations allowing many people to realise their dreams.

The Spitfires

Living under the main flight route from Biggin Hill to Dover and having visited Headcorn and Duxford a number of times throughout the year, 2020 has provided me a chance to see all of the UK based two seaters throughout the summer. Either overhead passing by, or up close at the airfields.

I thought I’d use this post to include a few 2020 images of each example

Aero Legends – Spitfire IX NH341 “Elizabeth”

Headcorn/North Weald/Duxford (Pictured here at Headcorn in June 2020)


Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar – MJ627

Biggin Hill (Pictured over Kent in June 2020)


Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar – Spitfire IX MJ772

Biggin Hill (Pictured here in the hangar at Biggin Hill in January 2020)


Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar – Spitfire VIII MT818

Biggin Hill (Pictured here in the Biggin Hill hangar in January 2020)


Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar – TE308

Biggin Hill (Pictured here at Biggin Hill in August 2020)


Boultbee Flight Academy – Spitfire IX SM520

Goodwood/Lee On Solent/Exeter/Headcorn (Pictured here at Headcorn in September 2020)


Aerial Collective Spitfire IX PV202

Duxford/Headcorn (Pictured here at Headcorn in September 2020)


Aerial Collective Spitfire IX PT462

Duxford (Pictured here at Duxford in October 2020)


Ultimate Warbird Flights Spitfire IX ML407

Sywell (Pictured here on a rare visit to Headcorn June 2020 still wearing a temporary French squadron scheme)


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