Merry Christmas – Red Nose Aeroplanes

A bit of a Christmas Even tradition on this site is this Red Nose Aeroplane series.

There’s been a few sightings of such machines this year and with 2020 having been such an odd year. I wanted to just include machines from this most unique of years!

First up is the new red nose on the block – although I guess the nose isn’t new (having been a red nose in it’s old RAF scheme too) is Mustang G-SHWN in it’s new 4th Fighter Group scheme:


Another Mustang contender from this year – with a dash of yellow – is Comanche Fighter’s P-51B Berlin Express:


Must be about time for some Spitfire’s to get in on the action – here is PV202 from Headcorn back in September:


Another entry from Headcorn and a welcome return from a previous Headcorn resident. T-6 Texan “Carly”, now part of the Aero Legends fleet.


PV202’s stablemate, PT462 was in action at the Duxford October showcase, also complete with a red spinner:


….and finally, the king of all “red nosed aeroplanes” and a common theme running through this site since the very first posts. The ever-wonderful DH88 Comet:


Merry Christmas all! I hope whatever level of lockdown you are in you make the best of it and here is to a far, far brighter 2021 filled with warbirds!

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