Airshow Moments 2021 Number 5 – Miles Gemini

A long held high point in any airshow for me, the few airworthy Miles Gemini in the UK have made relatively few appearances over the years. Thankfully that has now changed with this wonderful example putting on a number of appearances at Old Warden, Little Gransden and East Kirkby.


Owner Stu Blanchard puts on a superb low level display in this wonderful twin which particularly at Old Warden offered a great close up look of this unique type.


The sight and sound of a streamlined classic British twin is now commonplace at Old Warden with the wonderful Comet now being a regular alongside based and visiting Dragon Rapides. The collection also a great affiliation with Miles designs as well with the based Magisters and Hawk Speed Six.


Though the Gemini is a well known type at Old Warden, it is even better to see the airframe appearing at other shows, giving crowds around the country a chance to enjoy this wonderful machine being flown so well.

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