Shuttleworth Collection Drive-in Airshow – 18th July 2020

Less than a month ago I was logging into the excellent Shuttleworth Collection virtual pilots chat on the racing aircraft in the collection. This was an innovative event put together with a number of collection pilots, including two in the hangar with the racing machines spoke for an hour in fascinating detail about flying this … Continue reading Shuttleworth Collection Drive-in Airshow – 18th July 2020

Hahnweide Oldtimer 2019 14/15th September

I've done some pretty silly things to enjoy an airshow in the past. Long drives, hours spent in the rain/cold and various late nights immediately spring to mind. But as the alarm went off at 3:30am on the Saturday of this particular show, I did wonder if I might have finally overdone it! That … Continue reading Hahnweide Oldtimer 2019 14/15th September