Museum Profile: Intrepid Air and Space Museum

Back on the East coast of the United States, this time in New York City on the Hudson river, this post takes a look at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. As museum settings go, an actual aircraft carrier is pretty special. I've visited Intrepid a few times over the years and this time … Continue reading Museum Profile: Intrepid Air and Space Museum

Museum Profile: American Airpower Museum

Republic Field in East Farmingdale New York is an historic base and former home to the Republic Company. Famous for their fighters both during and after world war two the airfield is also host to the American Air Power museum which houses many Republic machines alongside other Warbirds. Much of the piston powered … Continue reading Museum Profile: American Airpower Museum

Mid Atlantic Air Museum – Reading PA

Back in 2014 I had the welcome chance to visit the Reading WW2 weekend. It still sits amongst my fondest aviation memories, in part due to the chance to fly on B24 Diamond Lil', but perhaps because it is the only "proper" American airshow I can really remember attending. I couldn't really turn down … Continue reading Mid Atlantic Air Museum – Reading PA

Museum Profile: Solent Sky – Southampton

The skies and shores around the Solent paved the way for aerial innovation for many years during the formative era of British aviation. From the historic Schneider Air Races from Calshot to the unbreakable bond with the Supermarine Spitfire and Flying Boat operations, the area is rich with aviation history. The areas links to … Continue reading Museum Profile: Solent Sky – Southampton

Museum Profile: The Helicopter Museum at Weston-Super-Mare

Following last weeks look at Bristol Aerospace, its time for a quick drive down the M5 to take a quick look at the Helicopter Museum. I'll confess that helicopters have never really been on my radar and though this museum has always looked great, its never quite appealed enough to take a visit. As … Continue reading Museum Profile: The Helicopter Museum at Weston-Super-Mare

Museum Profile – Aerospace Bristol

One of the latest additions to the UK Aviation Museum family is the Aerospace Bristol collection at Filton in Bristol. This represents a great collection of Bristol types, joined by the final Concorde to fly G-BOAF, having made its final landing at Filton in 2003. I was lucky enough to be present for that … Continue reading Museum Profile – Aerospace Bristol