The Road out of “Warbird Lockdown” Summer 2020

As those of us in the South East head back into what is seemingly Lockdown 3 (or is Lockdown 2 still....) I noticed I'd never really shared many posts or photos from the transition out of Lockdown 1 back in June/July as we saw the world come back to life a little. Most of … Continue reading The Road out of “Warbird Lockdown” Summer 2020

Ultimate Pistons – Do 335 The German aircraft development during the closing stages of the war was certainly advanced with some very inventive machines taking to the air. Often plagued by production, resource or simply time issues, they did not see a huge deal of active service. One machine that certainly fits the "unique" description is the impressive push-pull … Continue reading Ultimate Pistons – Do 335

The More Things Change….2020’s Moving Warbirds

One thing that didn't change, despite everything else that has been going around the world, is the ever-present movement of warbirds changing hands and locations around the world. Throughout the year there were various announcements as familiar favourites and some newly restored machines changed hands and moved to a new base, or even country. Whilst … Continue reading The More Things Change….2020’s Moving Warbirds