Airshow Moments 2019 4 – Battle of France at Melun Air Legend

Air Legend has managed to establish itself as one of the world leaders in terms of variety and quality airshow line ups, all hosted at a wonderfully characterful airfield lifted right out of the cold war. The show features a couple of times in this years Airshow Moments and this first look back features … Continue reading Airshow Moments 2019 4 – Battle of France at Melun Air Legend

The Silver Spitfire – Mission Complete!

A slight change to the Warbird Tails advent schedule today to make the historic event earlier on today which saw the "Silver Spitfire" MJ271/G-IRTY land back at Goodwood having flown around the world after the past few months. The aircraft and its PC12 support ship, together with three pilots have flown over large ocean … Continue reading The Silver Spitfire – Mission Complete!

Hahnweide Oldtimer 2019 14/15th September

I've done some pretty silly things to enjoy an airshow in the past. Long drives, hours spent in the rain/cold and various late nights immediately spring to mind. But as the alarm went off at 3:30am on the Saturday of this particular show, I did wonder if I might have finally overdone it! That … Continue reading Hahnweide Oldtimer 2019 14/15th September