Shuttleworth Collection “At the Movies” Drive-In 2nd August 2020

Building on the great reception received for the debut event in July, the first Sunday of August saw the Shuttleworth Collection repeat their pioneering Drive in airshow format. Unlike the last event this was an afternoon show and featured a few more visiting types. It's a great effort that the Collection are making to … Continue reading Shuttleworth Collection “At the Movies” Drive-In 2nd August 2020

At last….Warbirds in 2020!

Despite gloomy skies for most mornings, the last few days provided the first up close warbird encounters for 2020 (aside from the Greek Spitfire's first flight way back in January). The news of two seat Spitfire flights starting up again felt like a real positive step towards normality and living under the Biggin Hill … Continue reading At last….Warbirds in 2020!

Lockdown ‘Legends Week 10 – Flying Bulls

A more recent tradition at Flying Legends has been the inclusion of the impressive fleet of warbirds operated by Red Bull known as The Flying Bulls. Up until 2011 these collection of beautifully maintained warbirds had not ventured across the channel. 2011 saw the Flying Bulls 'Legends collection start, with their P-38 Lightning. reading Lockdown ‘Legends Week 10 – Flying Bulls

Warbird Tails Looking Back – June at Old Warden

It's hard to believe we're already in June, though for once at least the weather forecast doesn't look absolutely perfect for flying at the coming weekend. This week traditionally hosts the second Sunday airshow of the year at the Shuttleworth Collection. This event has followed a number of themes over the years, most notably … Continue reading Warbird Tails Looking Back – June at Old Warden

Lockdown ‘Legends Week 9 – Inter-War Years

For this weeks look at Flying Legends history I decided to look at the regular pre-WW2 sequences that are included in the flying list. Over the years there have been all manner of rare and wonderful machines included in this segment. 'Legends has built its brand on WW2 fighters and bombers but those graceful … Continue reading Lockdown ‘Legends Week 9 – Inter-War Years

Lockdown ‘Legends Week 8 – Curtiss Collection

Another week looking back at regular 'Legends slots then. This week its time to take a look at the wonderful selection of Curtiss Hawks that have graced the Duxford flightline over the years. The P-40F is pulled out of the hangar at Flying Legends 2011 with Stephen Grey watching on. A great topside … Continue reading Lockdown ‘Legends Week 8 – Curtiss Collection

Warbird Tails Looking Back – Duxford Air Festival

As we near the last week of May (hard to believe we are already here!) it's time for another look back at airshow seasons from the past. This weekend would have marked the 2020 edition of the Duxford Air Festival. May airshows at Duxford have been an early season fixture for decades now, originally … Continue reading Warbird Tails Looking Back – Duxford Air Festival