Airshow Reviews


This page provides links to all of the Airshow and event Reviews posted on this website, these are generally posted on a Friday, though this may be updated less often during the off-season. 

Shuttleworth Pageant Airshow September 7th 2014 – A review of the excellent Shuttleworth Pageant Show, which featured the public return of the DH88 Comet.

Duxford September Airshow September 13th-14th 2014 – Short report on Duxfords September airshow.

Shuttleworth Classic Evening Display September 20th 2014 – Despite inclement weather Shuttleworth managed to pull together an entertaining show.

Shuttleworth Race Day Airshow 5th October 2014 –  Another impressive show from the Old Warden this time with a racing theme.

Hendon Open Cockpit Evening 7th October 2014 – Small night event organised at Hendon allowing some upclose access to some rare and historic aircraft.

Reading World War 2 Weekend – 6/7/8th June 2014 – A look back at a trip to America earlier in the year and the impressive Reading world war two weekend.

Gnat Display Team Open Day – 25th October 2014 – The Gnat display team held an open day late on in the year with a small flying display to conclude.

Abingdon 2015 – 3rd May 2015 – The first airshow report of 2015 kicks off with a very wet day at Abingdon!

Duxford VE Day Anniversary Airshow – 23rd-24th May 2015 – A report on the excellent VE Day anniversary show at Duxford.

Shuttleworth Classic Evening Airshow –  23rd May 2015 – Report on the first evening display at Old Warden this season.

Biggin Hill Festival Of Flight – 13th June 2015 – A report on Biggin Hills excellent, though weather affected show.

Shuttleworth Edwardian Evening – 20th June 2015 – An excellent night with some classic graceful flying in this tribute to the Edwardian era.

Flywheel Festival at Bicester Heritage – A report on the debut event from this WW2 bomber station which saw the return of the Bristol Blenheim.

Shuttleworth Military Pageant 5th July – A report on the superb military pageant at Old Warden in July, highlights included the Blenheim and Vulcan.

Flying Legends 2015 – A report on this iconic and world famous gathering of piston engined warbirds.

Headcorn Battle Of Britain Show – The first full airshow at this picturesque Kent airfield featured plenty of warbird action.

Shuttleworth Best of British – One of the shows of the year featuring the debut of the Sopwith Snipe and Albatros amongst other highlights.

Woodchurch Steam Rally – While not a full airshow this event featured a memorable display from Rob Davies in P-51 Marrinell evoking great memories of the classic Wings’n’things shows of old.

Shuttleworth Wings and Wheels Show – Another great Old Warden show with plenty of interesting visitors.

Biggin Hill’s Hardest Day – While not strictly an airshow this event offered great access to a huge number of Spitfires and Hurricanes.

Headcorn Combined Ops – A memorable event which saw the sight of the Vulcan displaying over Headcorn.

Eastbourne Airbourne – My only seaside show of the year, plenty of action from civilian acts through to classic jets.

Dunsfold Wings and Wheels – Always a classic show and this year was especially poignant following the events of Shoreham the previous week.

Shuttleworth Pageant – This show saw most of the collection’s airworthy aircraft take to the skies.

Duxford’s Battle of Britain show – A spectacular event from start to finish featuring what many regard as the best Spitfire set piece ever.

Shuttleworth Uncovered – A relaxed atmosphere combined with the final display from Vulcan XH558 made for a fitting end to the 2015 season.


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