Museum Profile – Aerospace Bristol

One of the latest additions to the UK Aviation Museum family is the Aerospace Bristol collection at Filton in Bristol. This represents a great collection of Bristol types, joined by the final Concorde to fly G-BOAF, having made its final landing at Filton in 2003. I was lucky enough to be present for that … Continue reading Museum Profile – Aerospace Bristol

Bristol F2b Fighter

The city of Bristol and aviation go hand in hand, from the fragile, kite-like box kite to the raw power and elegance of Concorde it’s legacy is extraordinary. The Bristol Aeroplane company too, has rightfully earned an important place in the aviation history books, designing a number of iconic machines throughout the 20th Century. Perhaps … Continue reading Bristol F2b Fighter

Shuttleworth Collection Family Airshow 2018

The 2018 Shuttleworth Collection August airshow took on a family theme, with a wide range of different aircraft and acts on display. The show got underway with the impressive collection WW2 trio of Spitfire, Sea Hurricane and Lysander. It really has been such a positive sight to have the Spitfire included in each display … Continue reading Shuttleworth Collection Family Airshow 2018

Airshow Moments 2017 – Blenheim at Little Gransden

Continuing the Blenheim theme after the exciting update from Hawkinge yesterday, it is time for another airshow moment. Today's moment takes a look back at John Romain's masterclass in display flying in the wonderful Bristol Blenheim I at Little Gransden back in August. This combination of man and machine is well known as a … Continue reading Airshow Moments 2017 – Blenheim at Little Gransden