Airshow Moment 2018 10 -Schlepp Debut

For the final 2018 airshow moment (for now) I wanted to go back to the Duxford Air Festival in May which saw the modern debt for a fascinating and unique design. The F+W C-3605, commonly known as the "Schlepp". This ungainly looking design is a development of an original 1940s era aircraft, which was … Continue reading Airshow Moment 2018 10 -Schlepp Debut

Airshow Moment 6 – Five Vs “Baby Spit” Revival

New Spitfires joining the worldwide population are still an incredibly regular occurrence which is a great testament to those involved in resurrecting these classic fighters. 2018 saw a real resurgence in one of the most elegant variants of the iconic fighter, the Mk V. While none of the aircraft featured were technically "new" restorations, a … Continue reading Airshow Moment 6 – Five Vs “Baby Spit” Revival

Aircraft Profile: de Havilland Canada Chipmunk

The de Havilland Canada Chipmunk is well loved by pilots and considered to be one of the finest flying machines every built. The original Chipmunk design is now over 70 years old, with the type first taking to the skies in May 1946. The Chipmunk was designed, developed and initially manufactured in Canada with … Continue reading Aircraft Profile: de Havilland Canada Chipmunk

Flying Legends 2018

Always a centrepiece for the historic aviation scene,  Flying Legends manages to gather a collection of the finest warbirds and pilots from around the world for an unparalleled airshow experience year on year. 2018 was one of the strongest years in recent memory, with plenty of debut displays, or welcome returns across the weekend. … Continue reading Flying Legends 2018