Bristol F2b Fighter

The city of Bristol and aviation go hand in hand, from the fragile, kite-like box kite to the raw power and elegance of Concorde it’s legacy is extraordinary. The Bristol Aeroplane company too, has rightfully earned an important place in the aviation history books, designing a number of iconic machines throughout the 20th Century. Perhaps … Continue reading Bristol F2b Fighter

Airshow Moment 2017 – Sopwith Snipe’s UK Swansong

Having been heavily effected by high winds in 2016, the 2017 Shuttleworth Collection Edwardian Pageant was blessed with a bit more luck. A large number of the WW1 aeroplanes were able to fly alongside a number of family favourite acts. One of the WW1 displays will be fondly remembered by many in attendance. The … Continue reading Airshow Moment 2017 – Sopwith Snipe’s UK Swansong