Waiting in the Wings – 2020’s Missing Favourites – The Fighters

Where do we start on this one? https://www.flickr.com/photos/127965535@N04/48301358271/in/album-72157709687428431/ Aside from those fighters that are able to "earn their keep" with flight experiences or other commitments, 2020 was a fairly quiet year. Plenty of two seat Sptifires/Mustangs and the Hurricane were kept very busy. There was also a handful of privately owned fighter that got plenty … Continue reading Waiting in the Wings – 2020’s Missing Favourites – The Fighters

Fiat CR42 -Biplane Brilliance

The peaceful interwar years conjure up images of silver, shining biplanes looping and rolling their way through clear blue skies thrilling crowds of passers by below. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sdasmarchives/25572711506/in/photolist-8AZZoN-8AZZqs-8AWTFK-8AWTGg-8AWTPc-8AWTPv-8AZZxs-8AZZx3-8AWTMc-8AZZNo-8AZZQh-8AWTAZ-8AWTWt-8AZZv3-8AZZML-8AZZkf-8AZZwq-8AZZPs-8AWTVa-8AWU8i-8AZZmN-8AZZR3-8AZZo5-8AZZrm-8AZZpC-2gjg2bH-8AZZnC-8AWU6X-8AWU2B-8AWTXn-8AWTTz-8AWTZe-8AZZLw-8AWU1a-8AWTLD-8AWTYK-8AZZHy-8AZZSd-8AWTT8-8AWTW8-8AZZAY-8AWTU4-8AZZjL-8AZZDm-8AZZNS-8AZZm3-bv8DYK-qGPScR-EXLQc5-E3nhis As war approached the biplane gradually started to be phased out. Modern monoplane designs were coming to the fore and it seemed inevitable that the biplane would soon … Continue reading Fiat CR42 -Biplane Brilliance

Warbird Tails Looking Back – June at Old Warden

It's hard to believe we're already in June, though for once at least the weather forecast doesn't look absolutely perfect for flying at the coming weekend. https://www.flickr.com/photos/127965535@N04/28133603295/in/album-72157669047928081/ This week traditionally hosts the second Sunday airshow of the year at the Shuttleworth Collection. This event has followed a number of themes over the years, most notably … Continue reading Warbird Tails Looking Back – June at Old Warden

Lockdown Legends Week 4 – Thunderbolt G-THUN

In the first few weeks of this series I focused on particular routines or roles in the Flying Legends displays over the years and how they have evolved and change over the shows 20 plus year history. https://www.flickr.com/photos/127965535@N04/49817100097/in/dateposted/ Today I wanted to focus on one airframe that has been hugley important not only to Flying … Continue reading Lockdown Legends Week 4 – Thunderbolt G-THUN

Airshow Moments 5 – Magnificent Jokers at ‘Legends 2019

With the always popular news that the Flying Legends dates have been announced for 2020, this seemed an appropriate Airshow Moment to choose. https://www.flickr.com/photos/127965535@N04/48301358271/in/album-72157709687428431/ The joker slot, flown while the traditional finale "Balbo" formation at the end of each day builds up, is one of the highlights of the season. As spectacular as the Balbo … Continue reading Airshow Moments 5 – Magnificent Jokers at ‘Legends 2019

Airshow Moment – Curtiss P-40C at Duxford

This post marks the fourth Airshow Moments 2017 post to feature a display from a Duxford airshow. This is hardly surprising given the incredible quality of display flying at the venue this past season. https://www.flickr.com/photos/127965535@N04/38605188941/in/album-72157688820126531/ The September show was set to see a pairs display from the Curtiss Hawk 75 alongside the P-40C, a pairing … Continue reading Airshow Moment – Curtiss P-40C at Duxford

Ghosts of Airshows past Part 3 – London City Fun Days

A commuter airport just a short distance away from some of London’s tallest skyscrapers hardly screams airshow venue. Yet for many years it was just that. Held one Saturday in early July the airports “Fun Days” were largely a fun fair and street party for local residents, with a small flying display. While the display … Continue reading Ghosts of Airshows past Part 3 – London City Fun Days