Flying Legends 2018

Always a centrepiece for the historic aviation scene,  Flying Legends manages to gather a collection of the finest warbirds and pilots from around the world for an unparalleled airshow experience year on year. 2018 was one of the strongest years in recent memory, with plenty of debut displays, or welcome returns across the weekend. … Continue reading Flying Legends 2018

Airshow Moment 2017 – Flying Legends “Jokers”

The 2017 instalment of Flying Legends has already featured in this Advent series already, taking a look at the mammoth journey P-51B Berlin Express took to fly as part of the Horsemen team for the weekend. I wanted to shine the light on another standout moment from that weekend, the traditional "Joker" routine. The … Continue reading Airshow Moment 2017 – Flying Legends “Jokers”

Flying Legends 2017 – Back to Basics

At a recent Shuttleworth Collection airshow, the commentator passed comment of an airshow being like a rock concert. Plenty of people go to see the big hits or tracks from the favourite album, but the band are always keen to work in some rarer gems and newer material in-between the big hitters. That analogy … Continue reading Flying Legends 2017 – Back to Basics