Airshow Moments 2019 8 – Fokker DR1 Aerobatics

The incomparable atmosphere of Hahnweide will long stick in my mind as one my all time favourite airshow memories. The rolling German hills, combined with the characterful grass runway and warbirds and vintage machines as far as the eye could see. As part of this years' retrospective airshow moments series I have already focused … Continue reading Airshow Moments 2019 8 – Fokker DR1 Aerobatics

Hahnweide Oldtimer 2019 14/15th September

I've done some pretty silly things to enjoy an airshow in the past. Long drives, hours spent in the rain/cold and various late nights immediately spring to mind. But as the alarm went off at 3:30am on the Saturday of this particular show, I did wonder if I might have finally overdone it! That … Continue reading Hahnweide Oldtimer 2019 14/15th September