Airshow Moments 2018 1 – Anniversary Avros – Anson & Lancaster at Old Warden

As the year draws to a close it is time for a look back at a number of individual moments from airshows across the season that I feel deserve a more detailed report than the original event reviews allowed. This gives the chance to share more photographs from specific displays and expand on the significance … Continue reading Airshow Moments 2018 1 – Anniversary Avros – Anson & Lancaster at Old Warden

Shuttleworth Collection Heritage Day – September 2018

The Shuttleworth Heritage day is an annual celebration of the whole collection and the rich history that Old Warden has created. The flying display typically focuses on the collection aircraft, with a selection of visiting aircraft, often with an Old Warden connection. On the ground there was an opportunity to get up close to … Continue reading Shuttleworth Collection Heritage Day – September 2018

Shuttleworth Collection Family Airshow 2018

The 2018 Shuttleworth Collection August airshow took on a family theme, with a wide range of different aircraft and acts on display. The show got underway with the impressive collection WW2 trio of Spitfire, Sea Hurricane and Lysander. It really has been such a positive sight to have the Spitfire included in each display … Continue reading Shuttleworth Collection Family Airshow 2018

Fly Navy III – Old Warden 3rd June 2018

Now in its third year, the Shuttleworth Collection's collaborative event with Navy Wings is always awaited with anticipation. The first incarnation of this excellent event saw a rare combination of perfect weather and a complete selection of incredible performers and visiting acts. 2017 looked to build on that success but was hit with a series … Continue reading Fly Navy III – Old Warden 3rd June 2018

Comper Swift – Historic Races

The Comper Swift first took to the skies in 1930 and quickly gained a reputation as a potent racer. This little aeroplane could reach 140mph and fly 380 miles on a single tank. A glowing review from Flight Magazine in 1930 led to the aircraft gaining popularity. In October 1931, the little Swift secured … Continue reading Comper Swift – Historic Races

Airshow Moments 2017 – Simply Sopwith

While the main focus of 2017 will have been the ever increasing Hurricane gatherings we saw over the summer, the First World War enthusiast has had a great deal to enjoy as well. Shortly before the newly restored Sopwith Pup made its debut at Duxford at the end of May, a more familiar Sopwith … Continue reading Airshow Moments 2017 – Simply Sopwith

Shuttleworth Collection Race Day 2017

The Shuttleworth Collection 2017 airshow season came to a close with the Race Day event on the 1st of October. This event provides a great final event of the year for both the vintage car and aeroplane enthusiast. This years event saw the second edition of the Shuttleworth Sprint which featured a large number … Continue reading Shuttleworth Collection Race Day 2017