The Silver Spitfire – Mission Complete!

A slight change to the Warbird Tails advent schedule today to make the historic event earlier on today which saw the "Silver Spitfire" MJ271/G-IRTY land back at Goodwood having flown around the world after the past few months. The aircraft and its PC12 support ship, together with three pilots have flown over large ocean … Continue reading The Silver Spitfire – Mission Complete!

10.11.19 – Remembrance Sunday

A short post today, with some photographs from the proceedings at North Weald and Duxford as part of the Remembrance activities - Lest We Forget. Aero Legends put together an impressive formation consisting of their two Spitfire IXs, TD314 and NH341 flanking their C-47 Dakota "Drag em 'Oot". NH421 and the "Dak" are both … Continue reading 10.11.19 – Remembrance Sunday

Duxford October Showcase Day – 20th October 2019

Leaden skies, wrapped up warm in October, walking along the Duxford crowd line as a trio of Spitfire XIV, Bearcat and Corsair catch each other and join formation to the North of the A505. Happy memories of the October airshows you are surely thinking! You'd be forgiven for thinking that the above was a … Continue reading Duxford October Showcase Day – 20th October 2019

Shuttleworth Collection Evening Shows 2019

Long-established in the collection calendar and unique as a regular event in the UK, the Shuttleworth Collection evening airshows offer a chance to enjoy rare aircraft in a relaxed format with fading light. 2019 has been a bumper year for the evening shows with a return from visiting types in the line ups after … Continue reading Shuttleworth Collection Evening Shows 2019

Shuttleworth Collection Military Pageant 2019 – Hurricane Gathering

First attempted back in 2016, the Shuttleworth Collection announced ambitious plans to hold a Hawker Hurricane gathering at Old Warden in the summer of 2019. In the past few years, notably since 2017, the previously underrepresented fighter has seen  great resurgence. There was a time where multiple Hurricane sequences were a real rarity but since … Continue reading Shuttleworth Collection Military Pageant 2019 – Hurricane Gathering