Javier Arango Tribute

I was shocked to read this morning, as I’m sure many of you were, about the tragic accident on Sunday morning that took the life of well known WW1 Aircraft operator and historian Javier Arango.


Mr Arango was a key player in First World War aviation and had put together an incredible private collection of replica and original aeroplanes at his private strip in California. Though his aircraft were rarely displayed they were regular stars of the “Ghosts” calendar series and formed part of some memorable articles on operating First World War aircraft.


When researching my Sopwith series a few years ago I was amazed to read of the rotary powered Sopwith Tabloid replica hidden away, not to mention the original Sopwith Camel.


One thing that stands out from the various tributes and posts I have read over the course of the day is what a wonderful man Javier Arango clearly was. He did a huge amount for the First World War preservation scene as well as being a prominent writer and researcher in the field.


It is always tragic whenever the aviation community loses someone in such tragic circumstances and todays news is no exception.

I wanted to pay tribute in this small way to a great man who made a big impact on one of the smaller corners of Historic Aviation.

I have included a few photographs from Stow Maries this weekend passed in tribute to Mr. Arango. I’d recommend reading the two articles linked below, which feature some wonderful images of the aircraft collection and an insight into the man himself.

As always on these occasions, I send my thoughts to all those affected

– Blue Skies –



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