Spitfire NH341 at Headcorn

I had the opportunity today to enjoy the sight of Aero Legend’s new Spitfire – T.IX NH341 – carrying out its first public flights at Headcorn as part of their popular “Fly With” series. This gave great opportunities to see the new Spitfire alongside the company’s de Havilland Devon.


Having watched the Spitfire’s first arrival at Headcorn over the Easter weekend it was a treat to see Anthony Parkinson of the BBMF take the aircraft up for a flight with both the Devon and Rob Davies’ Harvard.





It is great to see a new restoration getting plenty of flying in and the exhaust staining evident certainly shows how hard this new aircraft has been working in the last few weeks.




I have to say this has got to be one of the best looking two seat Spitfires currently flying, a wonderful restoration by Historic Flying at Duxford and is a welcome sight at Headcorn.

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