Airshow Moments 2018 1 – Anniversary Avros – Anson & Lancaster at Old Warden

As the year draws to a close it is time for a look back at a number of individual moments from airshows across the season that I feel deserve a more detailed report than the original event reviews allowed. This gives the chance to share more photographs from specific displays and expand on the significance of certain sequences.


Starting off this years look back at special airshow moments, this post takes a look back at a shining moment from the very impressive season opener at the Shuttleworth Collection. This years May air show saw the RAF100 theme take centre stage.


Amongst countless highlights from the day was the debut of BAE System’s Avro XIX in its postwar colour scheme. The aircraft now represents an RAF Coningsby station flight aircraft. Though this example is actually the civilian Avro XIX it is now painted to represent an Anson.


In a first, certainly in recent years, time formation, the Anson joint up with the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight’s Avro Lancaster for a series of impressive passes. This was the first of many memorable appearances from the iconic bomber at Old Warden in 2018.


The sight of the Lancaster and Anson joining up and coming around that iconic Shuttleworth bend will certainly be a memory from this season that will take a long time to fade.


It was a nice bonus to see the Anson join another 1930s twin, the Bristol Blenheim later on in the display as well. A great start to the Shuttleworth season with three classic British designs taking part in the flying display. It was great to see so many different aircraft as part of the RAF100 theme and rarities such as the Anson and Blenheim, not to mention the Lancaster, flying together was certainly something special.

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